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15. 1. 2024

In 2023 users of Digital Detox have donated slightly less then in 2022 but still amazing 110 000,- CZK for charitative projects. Many thanks to all our users! We have decided to split this amount between two project, both of which we have supported last year and have good experiences with. So 55 000,- CZK went to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and anther 55 000,- CZK to the Endowment Fund Loďka who are building a palliative care expert team to help children oncology patients and provide guidance and support to their families. Please check your order number and all the related documents and receipts here.

Hopefully 2024 will be a better year with less tech addiction and a safer world! Many thanks.

3. 1. 2023

In 2022 you (users of Digital Detox) have donated nearly 3 times more than in 2021. Many thanks to all our users. We have collected nearly 120 000,- CZK for charity. This time we felt we need to split this amount into multiple charities. Moreover we could not ignore the pressing needs of those suffering at the war of Ukraine. This is why 40 000,- CZK went to Red Cross Ukrainian mission (ICRC) and 40 000,- CZK to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). To build long term relationships, same as last year, we did send 40 000,- CZK to the Endowment Fund Loďka. They aim at building a palliative care expert team to help children oncology patients and provide guidance and support to their families. Please check your order number and all the related documents here.

All the best in 2023, hopefully with a better, safer world and less tech addiction! Many thanks.

3. 12. 2021

We have made our first donation. The amount of 40 000,- CZK (~1700 USD) goes to Endowment Fund Loďka. Their aim is to build a palliative care expert team to help children ontological patients and provide guidance and support to their families. More about their project here. We have collected 37 311,- CZK from 33 donors (users of DDC) since we introduced Charity Donations in Digital Detox Challenge in 2020. You can find the accounting and your own transaction here. Here is the donation contract, bank statement and payment confirmation from the fund. Big thanks to all users who have donated. If you have an idea for the next charity to donate, please write to petr (at) nalevka (dot) com. Many thanks to all DDC users who donated. Please read below on how Charity donations work.

About Digital Detox Charity Donations

We have been asked several times by the Digital Detox Challenge community for higher accountability fees to increase motivation to complete challenges without quitting.

On the other hand amounts over ~$40 just did not feel right. This is why we implemented a new option which allows higher fees which are 70% shared with a charity.

This feature is experimental now and so we would like to reserve the right to change the parameters slightly later on. But in general the idea is, at the end of the calendar year (maybe we will move on to quarter accounting later on) we will calculate all the highest accountability fee charged (after Play Store takes it’s 30%) we than donate 70% of the rest to a selected public charity.

This will be done if the overall amount collected for charities exceeds $2000. Otherwise we will move that into the next year. If we won’t reach $2000 in two consecutive years we will pay the amount as is to a selected charity.

We will publish a proof of the transaction on this website by the end of the year or publish the amount so far collected if under threshold.

We do not have an idea of the charity yet, so if you have any suggestions, please send them to We would really appreciate your ideas. For administrative reasons it would be good to choose charity with is a resident in the EU, Norway or Island.

Otherwise we think it would make sense to choose a charity which is related to human addictions or to human health in general and/or related research in those domains.

You may ask why we do not share all the DDC fees with a charity. The reason is we want keep working on DDC app and make it better and over time close all the loopholes.

If you have contacted us on our support channels you may know how passionate we are about keeping improving the app, constantly listening to your feature requests and trying to make the app as close to our community needs as possible.

Still we are donating the development of DDC from our other profitable projects. But this may change over time and we may extend the way accountability fees are shared with charities in the future.

4 thoughts on “Digital Detox Accountability Fee Charity Donation

  1. Hi there,
    Interested in the donaton to charity/charities, great and gracious idea. Good on DDC.
    So what charity/charities are you presently donating to?


    1. Hello Nik, in fact last year when I introduced this feature we had just a single purchase of this accountability fee so I have moved this to this year and I plan to do the accounting. I have some ideas but if you have any ideas/recommendations please let me know..

  2. Wouldn’t it make sense to choose your own charity? I know that some people stayed motivated by giving to a charity they really don’t like.

    1. Hello Judy, that would be great, but I do not think I would be able to manage that administratively :(.. It is one guy working on the app here.. sorry

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