DDC fix whitelisted apps on Xiaomi

Lately we are getting reports that starting whitelisted apps in Digital Detox Challenge is not working well for Xiaomi users.. Luckily one of DDC users on Xiaomi did shared a way how to fix it.. (many thanks)

See the screenshots below..

1. First go to phone settings..

2. Open Apps

3. Find DDC in the list

4. Open DDC settings

5. Go to other permissions

6. Enable all.. and starting whitelisted apps on Xiaomi will work

11 thoughts on “DDC fix whitelisted apps on Xiaomi

  1. It don’t worked. I’m very disappointed­čś×­čś×someone suggested me this app for study but this app annoyed­čśź me too much

    1. Hello, I have provided his guide to ~40 Xiaomi users who have suffered the issue with witelisted apps not opening and 100% of them reported back that the issue is resolved.. please also make sure to grant the app App Usage Stats permission in Phone Settings > Apps & Notifications > Special access > App usage access > DDC [x] >… I’m sure this will resolve the issue for you..

      Or you are having any other issues with the DDC app? Can you double check that the permission to draw over other apps is granted?

    1. Hello Meenal, yes this is another thing Xiaomi behaves differently form all other phones.. On Xiaomi phones you need to explicitly allow apps to start after boot. Please look at https://dontkillmyapp.com/xiaomi..on other Android phones this permission is granted automatically..

  2. Schedule detox function doesn’t work. At the set schedule, it starts the detox and then after 2 minutes it gets automatically disabled.

  3. I am able to stop digital detox app by going into ultra battery saving mode, please tell a way to lock my Xiaomi phone

    1. I suggest to remove the ultrabattery saving mode from your quick settings tile or use hide status bar option in the DDC app..

      1. But I can add the tile to quick settings during detox. The hiding status bar makes important tiles inaccessible like Bluetooth and other tiles which I use during detox.

  4. Make some quick settings like wifi, blue tooth, etc. to be available on the digital detox screen during detox, so if we hide the status bar we can still access them.

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